Meet Bernheim Artist in Residence Irene Imfeld

By Bernheim

Irene Imfeld, 2017 Bernheim Artist in Residence

Bernheim loves working with artists for a number of reasons. Art attaches our hearts to what we deem important and has the power to opens doors in ways that are different from science and education. Artists think, approach and see the world differently and we benefit greatly from their perspective.

Irene Imfeld is an accomplished photographer, digital printer and book designer from Berkeley, CA, who spent six weeks at Bernheim this past fall capturing nature imagery and exploring its possibilities. The results culminate in a new body of work entitled Phantasm: Autumn in the Kentucky Woods.

Irene Imfeld’s Phantasm 4341



Abstraction, fascination with detail, minimalism, psychological entanglement, and mastery of digital processing all play a part in these beautiful photographs. These compositions were taken with a high-resolution digital camera and composed in camera, often with long exposures. Later, hours were devoted to altering tonal values and/or combining exposures.

The images are stunning and showcases the natural elements of Bernheim in a new light. Imfeld intends to present the work created at Bernheim as a counter point to previous work created in the deserts of California and New Mexico.

Irene Imfeld’s Phantasm 4853








Check out more images from Phantasm: Autumn in the Kentucky Woods on Imfeld’s website.  A print-on-demand book will be available soon so stay tuned!

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