May’s Featured Plant at the Visitor’s Center!

By Renee Hutchison

viburnum carlesiiThose of you that have been through the arboretum in the last month might not have known what the wonderful fragrance was, but I’m sure you noticed it. Most likely you were near a Koreanspice viburnum. From the Education Center to the Garden Pavilion, these shrubs have been filling the air with their heady perfume. Not only do Koreanspice viburnums smell gorgeous, but they also look beautiful. Light pink flowers emerge in clusters, turning white as they mature. While this shrub usually stays around four feet, if given space, it can reach up to eight feet. As you watch it bloom and smell the sweet fragrance, you will want it to get as large as possible! Place this shrub in afternoon sun, planting in virtually any soil type, as this beauty is also delightfully versatile. Also, remember to place your Koreanspice viburnum close to your home or patio, as you will want to enjoy it as much as you can during April and May.

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