Make wearable nature art at upcoming workshops with Grass Men Artist Ashley Peevor

By Bernheim

Artist Ashley Peevor’s cleverly created living costume known as a Grassman.

Bernheim is excited to host two community workshops with visiting Artist, Ashley Peevor, who constructs and grows living costumes fondly referred to as Grass Men. Grass Men is a part-sculpture, part-performance series that involves carefully crafted living costumes made from grass, flower and other flora.

These community workshops will open participants’ eyes to the unique potential for combining living art with nature; meet the artist; see Bernheim’s Grass Men as it grows; learn about the cultivation of living sculpture through seed growing. Most importantly – create your own wearable nature art (in the form of armbands, necklaces, tails, etc) to cultivate, then bring your work back to be a part of the Grass Men fun at CONNECT (want to help the artist construct his living costumes for CONNECT? We’d love to have you. Learn more here).

Workshops are free for Bernheim members.  The weekend $5 per car environmental impact fee applies for non-members, though there is no additional charge for the workshop.

Workshops will take place on Sunday July 29  and Sunday August 5, from 1 – 3 p.m. each day. Limited to 25 participants each session. Registration required. Call 502-955-8512 to reserve your spot.

Workshop Location: Research Building (enter via Edible Garden).  All ages welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults. 

Bernheim’s Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 grant, Seeds of CONNECTion is made possible by the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund at the Fund for the Arts in partnership with the Fund for the Arts.

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