Love is the Air: Isaac’s Café Specials, February 11-15

By Bernheim

Love is literally in the air at Bernheim!  It looks like Harper, the golden eagle that we have been tracking for the last 4 years, has found love in the skies over Bernheim.   According to Ryan Van Velzer of WFPL in Louisville, this love story started over a romantic meal of roadkill and not a candlelit dinner, but the concept is the same.

We don’t have a name for Harper’s mystery love interest yet (but you can help us name her by clicking here), but like many a budding relationship, news of their whereabouts and comings and goings are hitting social media.  I wonder how many of our members and visitors have done the same thing; perhaps they met at Bernheim for that first date and took a selfie and posted it on twitter or facebook, while having a meal at Isaac’s Café.

Isaac’s Café would be the perfect spot to test the waters of a new relationship or rekindle an old flame.  There is nothing better than getting your heart racing on one of our many trails and then stopping for a tasty lunch at Isaac’s Café.

This week, will feature tried and true recipes that are sure to warm not only your tummy, but your heart as well.  Meatless Monday will be sauerkraut and meatless sausage, mashed potatoes and a side salad for just $6.95.   The rest of the week will tempt you with favorites like pork chops, salmon patties and even that old favorite: tuna noodle casserole.  Who knows, you may or may not find love at Bernheim,  but you’ll definitely fall in love with this beautiful place.

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