Life is Sweet: Isaac’s Café Specials July 10-14

By Kathy Hart

Life is sweet.  I was reminded of this just yesterday while helping my sister harvest honey from her bee hives.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy this task, suiting up, getting the smoker lit and ready and hearing the buzz of activity from these dedicated and hardworking little ladies.  It is no easy task and you certainly have to be calm, deliberate and completely present to everything around you.  The girls were cooperative, not happy but cooperative and the frames were loaded with the sweet essence of life itself.

Whether you are eating out, preparing a meal at home or just spreading honey on your toast in the morning, it’s always good to remember what went into each ingredient and the process that brought it to you.  At Isaac’s Café, we are so fortunate to have the Edible Garden just 200 steps away.  You can have lunch with us then take a stroll over to the garden and talk with the staff, interns and volunteers that make it possible for you to have fresh, organic herbs and vegetables in the homemade soups, sides and salads that are served at Isaac’s Café.  By the way, there is Bernheim Honey in our Bear Hugs so you may have even met one of our hard at work honey bees that help make your dessert possible.

This week’s special:  Meatless Monday will feature a Baltimore Hearts Krab cake (made with hearts of palm). The rest of the week will be Salmon Patty with a lemon dill aioli, and your choice of seasonal side along with a mini Bear Hug.

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