Let Bernheim Brighten Your Day: Isaac's Café Specials, February 6-10

By Kathy Hart

CobbSaladIt was another beautiful weekend at Bernheim with bright, sunny skies both Saturday and Sunday.  The chill on Saturday did not deter Bernheim Interpretive Programs Manager, Wren Smith, and the large, enthusiastic group of new Volunteer Naturalists from learning and collaborating. It was great to have an opportunity to share with them how the interconnectedness of each department at Bernheim brings talented individuals with their unique gifts and varied backgrounds together to achieve Isaac Bernheim’s vision of Connecting People With Nature.

With unseasonably warm temperatures on Sunday, Volunteer Naturalist Ken Johnson opened the Fire Tower much to the delight of our visitors, many who had never experience Bernheim from that perspective. Volunteer Naturalist Bill Napper led the Sunday Hike of the Day which was obviously a big hit, given the smiling faces as they came back into the Visitor’s Center.

As the last conversations were taking place and we closed the Visitor’s Center on Sunday, I couldn’t help but reflect on this beautiful weekend.  So many people have a hand in making Bernheim the “gem” that it is and that includes every volunteer and visitor. They come from all walks of life, every corner of the globe and all finding sanctuary.

This week’s $6.95 special from Isaac’s Café:  Our own take on the classic Cobb Salad.  We start with fresh garden greens, lots of bright, tasty veggies, ham, turkey, bacon, cheese and egg, all with your choice of our homemade dressing.  As always, we can make substitutions to fit any dietary need.  Enjoy!

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