Lessons from the natural world across the globe: Isaac’s Café specials January 29-February 4

By Kathy Hart

There are many lessons from the natural world that we can use in our everyday life.  We can learn about the plants and animals in our area by studying the habits and habitats from other countries.  The same holds true for the foods we eat (even some we may not have experienced yet).  Many dishes, fruits, veggies and flavors that are not a part of the repertoire in the U.S. are an integral part of the culinary fabric of others around the world.  As Cole Alexander, our Edible Garden Steward and I plan what to grow in Bernheim’s Edible Garden, we often expand our search to include some not so familiar plants so our visitors have the chance to expand their connections to nature via new and exciting tastes and textures.

This weekend, I was flipping through a wonderful cookbook (as I love to do on lazy afternoons) that I got for Christmas.  It explores the flavors from around the world and I thought, “What better way to push the boundaries of Isaac’s Café as well as the taste buds of our visitors than by making dishes from across the globe?”  They say you fear what you do not know.  I hope to bring a bit of familiarity to tastes that may be exotic to some, or perhaps a taste of home for those who have made this area home.

Stop by Isaac’s today and get your passport to flavor stamped!

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