Leaving a Legacy: Isaac's Café Specials September 12-16

By Kathy Hart

Monarch Caterpillar at Bernheim
Monarch Caterpillar enjoying some Tropical Milkweed at Bernheim’s Monarch Waystation.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Students defines legacy as: something (as memories or knowledge) that comes from the past or a person from the past.

This Saturday while harvesting in the Edible Garden for Isaac’s Café, I had a wonderful encounter with a grandfather and his grandson.  I noticed how the grandfather was carefully explaining what they  were looking at and patiently answering each question the young boy was asking.  I was standing next to our patch of milkweed and called the boy over asking if he had ever seen a Monarch butterfly caterpillar.  He eagerly ran over and paid close attention as I showed him the vibrant green and black caterpillars munching away. I talked about why we had planted the milkweed and why it was important.  He asked great questions and continued to follow me as I harvested yellow heirloom cherry tomatoes.  I got to the cucumbers and I saw him tug his grandfathers sleeve and ask him something.  The boy then ran over to me and asked if he could help.  He said, “my grandpa says it’s important to be a helper.”  He was delighted to help me find what he called very interesting, prickly cucumbers.  I talked to him about why we grow the vegetables for the Café and about the importance of eating foods that are good for us, just like the Monarchs know that milkweed is good for them.

As I left the garden, I thought about the wonderful legacy that grandfather was leaving his grandson.  Sharing important knowledge from the past to future generations and conveying the importance of helping others along the way is really an intricate part of what life is all about.  I was filled with such pride, that each day at work,  I get to be a part of not only the legacy of Isaac Bernheim but the ongoing legacy of Connecting People with Nature.

 Stop by Isaac’s Café this week for our $5.95 lunch special.  With the abundance of the Edible Garden, it is changing every day.  Come over and check it out or give us a call to see what’s cooking.  Fresh soups and seasonal sides from the Edible Garden, salads, sandwiches and desserts.

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