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Snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, Forest Giants enjoy early spring Kentucky weather.

We’ve had a GIANT April; more people than ever are experiencing all that Bernheim has to offer. So now is the time for you to join us during this exciting time – we’re celebrating 90 years of Bernheim and have welcomed our most popular art installation to date, Forest Giants in a Giant Forest. As a member, you’ll get to be a part of Bernheim’s story through the next 90 years and support all that we do. Bernheim members are at the heart of everything Bernheim does. Your support helps protect 16,000+ acres of forest, provide nature-based education for thousands of kids, and so much more. This April, we hope to add at least 150 members to Bernheim’s family of members.

Join or renew your membership anytime in April and receive an exclusive gift created especially for Bernheim by StoryWood Wearables. These one of a kind pieces are made from Bernheim trees, sustainably harvested and aged.

Additionally, Bernheim membership has its benefits, including free admission to Bernheim, program discounts, a discount at Bernheim’s Gift Shop, and more, including the newly added discount at Isaac’s Café!

Join in April using the code Giant 2019 for a $5 discount on your Household Membership.

For more information about membership levels at Bernheim, click here.

New and renewing members will receive the following gifts throughout the month of April.

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