It’s Derby Week! Isaac’s Café Specials: May 2-6, 2016

By Kathy Hart

Dorfman shade hat

Hold on to your hats, it’s Derby week!

Ever wonder how wearing an outrageous hat became a thing at the Derby? As it turns out, it all started when horse racing wanted to give the track a much needed  face-lift, so to speak.  The track was typically a place where “proper” women would not be found.  By adding the opportunity for women to make a fashion statement, it became the place to be seen.

At Bernheim, we wear many hats.  You may see Ranger Whitney in her wide brimmed ranger hat as she leads group of field trip students.  You may catch Cole, our garden steward, in his straw hat providing him much needed shade as he transplants seedlings into the garden beds or the staff at Isaac’s Café sporting their black caps with the Isaac’s logo as they prepare your lunch.  There are many hats you may not see, but trust me they are there, from the director’s hat, development, marketing, education, horticulture, natural areas, volunteers and interns to name just a few.  It takes all  these hat wearing individuals, many wearing multiple hats at the same time,  to keep Bernheim  on track.

Derby week may be a hectic time in your neck of the woods.  This may be the perfect time for you to don your adventure cap, grab your hiking stick and head to our neck of the woods.  While you’re here, stop in at Isaac’s Café for our $5.95 weekly special.  Don’t forget, we have fresh soups from our Edible Garden and one of a kind sandwiches along with ice cream and desserts from Louisville’s Homemade Ice cream and Pie Kitchen!

This week’s $5.95  special:  Derby salad.  Fresh lettuce from the Edible Garden, carrots, cucumbers, green peas, turkey, bacon and cheese along with our special house dressing.   As always we can make this vegan or vegetarian!


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