Due to a heat index exceeding 90 degrees, the Millennium Trail and Elm Lick Trail will remain closed until further notice.

Invasive Trees Removed from the Arboretum

By Eric Garris

As we research ourgolden_rain_tree_5326f805-b8c5-458e-9e3a-ff89e56538a6 tree collections, we are continually discovering which species perform best in our region.  We also have the opportunity to identify those which have become problematic in our area.  If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed several trees missing from plantings directly opposite the Sun and Shade Trail.  Bernheim is currently working to replace tree species, within the Arboretum, that are now deemed invasive in Kentucky.  Due to their ability to spread via seeds, Callery pear and Golden rain tree are becoming increasingly prevalent in our woodlands and landscape beds, and have become a nuisance throughout Kentucky and much of the U.S.  These older collections will be replaced with new varieties which will fit nicely into our landscape and establish a new generation of trees for everyone to enjoy.

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