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Introducing searchable Bernheim plant records

By Hannah Hunt

Bernheim is proud to present our next big endeavor in the world of Horticulture!

Last July we hired a dedicated Plant Records Coordinator and began working with IrisBG, a botanical garden records database company, to compile our plant records in a format that would allow us to share this information with the world.

After months of ground proofing specimens in the arboretum, sorting through past paper and digital records and arduous mapping, we are pleased to offer our plant records online in our Arboretum Explorer page. This will allow us to expand our relationship with other arboretums, botanical gardens, and state agencies and re-establish Bernheim as a key participant in the world of horticultural excellence and the genetic conservation of imperiled species.

We invite you to explore our plant records, either by clicking the Plant Database tab at the top of our website, or by clicking here. Here, you can find information about our collections, view our plant records dating back to 1950, and view each specimen on a map. There is also a search feature that enables you to search for plants by family, genus, or location if you’re out in the arboretum and want to find more information about a certain plant.

Updating the plant records is just the first step in our journey! Our next project is revamping signage in the arboretum, so you can look forward to seeing new and improved plant signage in our collections. Additionally, we are working to get our herbarium digitized and made available online through our Arboretum Explorer page.

We look forward to providing you with updates as we progress, and we hope to see you out on the grounds this summer visiting the collections. As always, if you have any questions about any of the plants, records, or research being conducted in the arboretum, please email Hannah Hunt, Plant Records Coordinator.

We are so proud to share this new endeavor with you and we hope this will better help you to connect with nature, from home or in the arboretum!

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