Hundreds of Acres Still Available to Explore During Wildlife Management at Bernheim

By Amy Joseph Landon

Arboretum Fall13 - 04All visitors are reminded that from November 12-20, 2016 selected Bernheim trails will be closed for wildlife management, including all trails on Forest Hill Drive and the Millennium Trail.  There are still hundreds of acres for people to hike, bike and have fun outside during this eight day period.   We’d especially recommend enjoying our prized Holly collection, one of the largest in North America.

All closed areas will be clearly marked for your safety. We take this time to ensure proper ecological balance at Bernheim.   The weekend environmental fee during this time is waived.



All of the Arboretum

Lake Nevin Trail

Two Ponds Loop

Sun & Shade Trail

Bent Twig Trail

Big Prairie

Big Prairie Overlook

Holly section

Guerilla Hollow Road

Ten Toms Circle

Children’s Play Garden

Guerilla Hollow Picnic Area

Magruder Meadow

Earth Measure sculpture



Forest Hill Drive closed

Hike-Bike Trail (across 245 by Jim Beam to Four Roses)

Millennium Trail

All trails with a trailhead on Forest Hill Drive are closed during this period

Canopy Tree Walk

Fire Tower


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