Honoring Our Roots This Week & Isaac’s Café Specials, November 7-11

By Kathy Hart

Daffodils StockJoin us this Saturday for our 2nd annual Honoring our Roots in the Land daffodil planting celebration!

Come nourish yourself with a bowl of root soup and hot cider. We will share our hopes and dreams for the coming year by planting a daffodil. Like the daffodil bulb, we need to use the cold months of winter to store energy and strength from our surroundings so we can bloom forth in the spring, a thing of beauty.

With warmer than usual temperatures, it hardly seems like fall at all, but the color in the trees let us know that it is indeed, that transitional time of year. In this season,we, like our mammalian friends, need to slow down, take in nourishment for both body and soul in preparation for the coming winter months. Preparing for change is never easy, so in coming together, we have a unique opportunity for reflection of not only our own personal needs, hopes and challenges, but also a broader sense of community, the land, the world around us and beyond.

Root soup is full of hearty, nutrient rich root vegetables, harvested Bernheim’s own Edible Garden just across the street. Sweet potatoes, turnips, red potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, parsnips along with fresh ginger, herbs and spices like coriander and tumeric make up this delicious and warming bowl of soup.

Isaac W. Bernheim understood that this land, that had been so badly abused, could be a place of inspiration. We like to think of Bernheim as a living legacy but it is a legacy of anyone who loves and cares for this place.

This week’s $6.95 special:  A gourmet grilled cheese and a cup of soup.

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