Healthy Forest, Healthy Lives

By Bernheim

From the air you breathe to the water you drink, you are relying on a forest’s resources for survival.  Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is over 16,000 acres making us the largest forest block in Kentucky, and the largest privately owned forest east of the Mississippi. Our millions of trees and diverse ecosystem provide health benefits to everyone within a 30 miles radius of Bernheim. Spending time at Bernheim has powerful and positive effects on your mind, body and spirit.


Bernheim is proud to be one of the region’s greatest healers. We need your support to help us preserve our forest and its resources. Through January 31, we have goal to raise $50,000 for Bernheim’s Healthy Forest, Healthy Lives campaign. With your support, Bernheim can continue to be the region’s best medicine for many generations to come!

Bernheim is 100% donor and member supported where every gift matters and every dollar counts. A gift to the Healthy Forest, Healthy Lives campaign is an investment in your well-being!


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