Healthy for the Holidays – Isaac’s Café Special, December 18

By Bernheim

This time of year can be especially challenging for anyone trying to eat healthy and sustainably. We are constantly bombarded with goodies from well-meaning co-workers, family gatherings and more, all while having so little time to take care of ourselves. It’s important to give yourself permission to say “no thank you” on those occasions when faced with treats that may derail months and even years of conscious consuming. Here are a few suggestions that might help.

  • Most of your close friends and relatives see that you make choices that healthy, compassionate and environmentally friendly. By having casual conversations about why you choose certain foods over others, you plant that seed and encourage others to be more mindful as well. This may help avoid being given a box of chocolates or a subscription to the cheese of the month club.
  • Always have a backup plan! It’s important to always have healthy, sustainable snacks in your bag just in case you find yourself surrounded by trays of cookies, casseroles laden with cheese, meat and butter, and cakes of every shape and size. Planning ahead can save you from giving in to temptations that you might regret later.
  • Offer to help plan the party and make suggestions for healthy options that everyone will enjoy. If it is a potluck, bring at least a couple of dishes that you know will keep you on track and also  be the hit of the party!

The holidays don’t have to revolve around food. Find other ways to be festive – take a family hike or visit a nursing home or rehab center and bring a smile to those who may not have family around. Begin new traditions with family and friends, but if you find yourself craving the taste of a traditional holiday feast, we have you covered at Isaac’s Café on this Meatless Monday!

Our Meatless Monday special: house made Faux-Turky (you gotta try this), stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, garden fresh green beans and even some cranberry relish! All for just $6.95. No meat, no dairy, no kidding!

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