Happy Earth Day!

By Amy Joseph Landon

EveryTree_pressEvent - 046Today may officially be Earth Day, but here at Bernheim, we celebrate Earth Day every day! Want to take part in our venture to make the Earth a better place? Here are some ways to celebrate the holiday:

Plant a Tree
Earth Day is the perfect day to plant a tree, bush, or any plant life you can think of. Not only does it beautify your home space, but is also absorbs some of the CO2 ¬¬from the air. Many families and even workplaces like to make this an Earth Day tradition.

Set up a Compost Bin
Did you know that every time you throw out paper towels, coffee grounds or a pizza box, you are adding not only adding to a landfill but also subtracting from your yard? Many things we consider “trash” can actually be composited and used to fertilize your garden. Set up a compost bin for your Earth Day project. Go here for a DIY guide to building your own compost bin.

Leave the Car at Home
If you live close enough to your workplace or school, why not leave the car at home and go on a stroll or bike ride? Not only does this give your body some exercise, but it also helps the atmosphere by limiting unnecessary pollution from your vehicle.

No matter what you schedule is like today, we hope you can take a little bit of time to appreciate the great outdoors! In today’s technology driven world, sometimes we forget the importance of connecting with nature. Take the family to Bernhiem, go on a walk or rediscover your backyard. You won’t regret it.

Happy Earth Day!

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