Grass Men Debut at 10th Annual CONNECT

By Bernheim

It was a sight to be seen at this year’s 10th annual CONNECT at Bernheim with British Artist Ashley Peevor’s living art creations known as Grass Men engaging with the crowds for the first time in the United States.

The wearable grass costumes helped mark Bernheim’s annual summer celebration around Lake Nevin known for its funky fun performance art along with fun hands on science and nature activities.

The remarkable and awe-inspiring suits evoked strong reactions from everyone who encountered them.

Peevor grew and sewed his grass suits during a month-long artist in residency at Bernheim thanks to an Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 grant from the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund at the Fund for the Arts in partnership with the Fund for the Arts.

The grant also funded workshops and transportation for members of the Smoketown Neighborhood who then came to CONNECT and donned their own grass flair.

“When Mr. Bernheim established the forest nearly 90 years ago, he created a place where all people could experience nature for generations,” said Dr. Mark Wourms, Bernheim’s Executive Director. “We work to extend his gift beyond Bernheim’s geographic boundaries through diverse community engagement efforts and appreciate our funders who help make it possible.”

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