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Gifts of the Winter Garden

By Kathy Hart

gifts from the winter gardenIt was December 11th and I was walking back to Isaac’s Café from the Edible Garden with a basket full of green and purple cabbage, butter lettuce, kale, carrots and several varieties of fresh herbs including parsley, sage and fragrant cilantro. The wheels were turning as I was imagining just what I could make with this bounty. I thought to myself, “what a gift.” The garden just keeps giving.

I was reminded while chopping the cabbage for our new “Lone Wolfe” sandwich and Maggie was washing the butter lettuce for our salads, that this is indeed a gift from the land. It did not happen by chance. It took a vision, forethought and hard work from not only those who believed that it was a noble cause but from every member’s financial contribution, dedicated staff and volunteers who put in countless hours planting, harvesting and yes, cooking.

When you are a part of something bigger than yourself, the gifts are all around you.

Isaac’s Café Specials Dec 14-18: Tuna melt, a tried and true favorite, fresh made tuna salad with American cheese melted to ooey gooey perfection on the Panini grill, all that and a bag of chips $5.95. Side of the week: citrus ginger slaw just $1.59. Soup of the week: Garden Veggie Chili $2.95 a cup $3.95 a bowl.

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