Fragrant Future: A Lunch with Cathleen Faubert

By Natural Areas Intern

Cathleen Faubert is a recent addition to the Artist in Residence program, and has been featured both on Bernheim’s website and in the Summer 2015 edition of the forest echo. Bernheim Exeutive Director, Mark Wourms, PhD, Martha Slaughter, Visual Arts Coordinator, Claude Stephens, Facilitator of Outreach and Regenerative Design, and intern, Ann Hageman recently stopped by her studio at the Woodland Pavilion for lunch and discussion of her work, including her process, purpose, and plans for the future.

Jokes about distilling poison ivy aside, Cathleen aspires to craft a mix representing this season’s growth in the Edible Garden, and an essential oil of cedar chips. Her greatest, though tentative, plan is a fragrance garden or ‘scent trail’ featuring smells, plants, and a reflecting pool reminiscent of the constellations visible in this season.

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