Four seasons in a week: Isaac’s Café Specials, January 14-18

By Bernheim

Here’s a recent Facebook post that made me chuckle:

Mother Nature: “You can’t have all four seasons in one week.”
Kentucky: “Hold my bourbon!”

This came to mind as I looked out from Isaac’s Café at the daffodils that had pushed their way up through the snow this weekend.  They must have taken the 60 degree weather we had the weekend before as a sign it was time to begin growing.  I see signs of this spring teasing all over, including in Bernheim’s Edible Garden.

A beautiful array of fall and cold hearty vegetables like kale, turnips, spinach and cilantro were harvested last week.   Luckily, the vegetables that were harvested are no stranger to the changing temperatures.   This coming week will feature these stubborn veggies that smile at the warm weather but also laugh at the snow as they keep bringing us a taste of the garden. As always, we make every effort to bring a taste of the Edible Garden to our visitors , even if it is in the form of dehydrated herbs that were grown just outside the Visitor Center or vegetables that were frozen at their peak freshness over the summer.

For our Meatless Monday special, we will be bringing back our baked spinach falafel in a warm flatbread with garden veggies, greens and tahini dressing, served with chips and a self-serve drink for just $6.95.  The rest of the week will offer roasted root vegetables, spinach, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  Come see what’s cooking at Isaac’s Café!

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