Former Bernheim Artist in Residence exhibiting at Purdue University’s Fountain Gallery

By Jenny Zeller

Myung Gyun You’s Photosynthesis.

While participating in the Artist in Residence program, Myung Gyun You created a powerful work inspired by the beauty of Bernheim.  Sited adjacent to the Visitor Center, ‘Photosynthesis’ continues to greet all visitors, asking them to consider their own place in the world.

Myung Gyun You continues to be known for his enormous, organic installation works and his recent exhibition ‘Forest of History’ is featured at Purdue’s Fountain Gallery in Lafayette, Indiana through September 23, 2017.

Inspired by nature, the large, organic masses You created for Forest of History’ simultaneously feel like life and the shadow of it. The old, dyed newspapers used to create the work take on a new life, encouraging the viewer to consider cultural identity, nationality, and heritage as constructs within the context of natural phenomena.

These are works to experience in person!  Purdue’s Fountain Gallery is located off campus in downtown Lafayette at 330 Main St.  Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday from 12-7 p.m.




Myung Gyun You and installation at Fountain Gallery.

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