Forest Giants in a Giant Forest

By Bernheim

Fact Sheet

Celebrating Bernheim’s 90th Anniversary in a GIANT way

  • Bernheim is celebrating its 90th Anniversary in a GIANT way through a new art exhibit called Forest Giants in a Giant Forest.
  • Internationally renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo will be at Bernheim from Feb 20 – March 18 creating giant larger than life sculptures made from recycled materials.
  • He will create three giants. They are expected to live on site for at least three years.
  • This will be Dambo’s second largest installation in the United States to date, following Morton Arboretum in 2018.
  • The public is invited to watch Dambo and his team create these GIANT whimsical creatures.

Why Art in Nature

  • Founder Isaac W. Bernheim directed that art be a part of Bernheim Forest.
  • Mr. Bernheim understood that through the lens of art people can develop deeper connections with nature and that is precisely what Thomas Dambo’s Forest Giants are designed to do.

A Commitment to Conservation

  • Dambo repurposes materials that would otherwise be thrown away. His work openly communicates messages about individual responsibility for the environment.
  • When he established the forest 90 years ago, founder Isaac W. Bernheim repurposed land that had been farmed, forested and used for mineral extraction.
  • Today,at 16,000+ acres or more than 25 square miles, Bernheim is the largest privately held forest dedicated to conservation and education in the eastern United States.

Giant Forests are important

  • Large protected forest blocks like Bernheim are tremendously important.
  • Bernheim provides healthy protected land where thousands of plant and wildlife species flourish.
  • Bernheim provides the Greater Louisville Region with clean air, clean water and a place of unmatched beauty where people can connect with nature.

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