Find Your Connection: Isaac's Café Specials, February 1-5, 2016

By Kathy Hart

White ashFebruary marks a progressive momentum of seasonal changes and provides a reminder that Spring is not far.  In ancient Celtic thought, trees offer magnificent wisdom and open up new branches of understanding about everything, including phases of the year. According to the ancient Druidic Ogham (Celtic meaning of trees), the ash tree is a transitional symbol, making it the perfect icon for February – a month in which spring is just beginning to poke it’s head out of the covers of winter. Ash has long been a symbol of creation and connection. As you make your way through  February come out to Bernheim and focus on the expansive ash for earthy connections and bolstering inspiration/creativity/motivation.

While at Bernheim, stop in at Isaac’s Café for a warm-up special to spice things up ’til spring arrives.

Weekly Special:  A cup of burrito soup with a side of corn and black bean salad served with a warm tortilla and tortilla chips just $5.95.

Soup of the week:  Burrito soup.  A blend of south of the border flavors along with rice, beans and poblano peppers served with a warm tortilla.  $2.95 per cup, $3.95 per bowl.

Side of the week: Black bean and corn salad with tortilla chips.  $1.59.

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