Due to a heat index exceeding 90 degrees, the Millennium Trail and Elm Lick Trail will remain closed until further notice.

Fall's Overlooked Flower: The Blue Curl

By Kelly Vowels

blue_curl-10-13-16An easily overlooked flower, Blue Curls (Trichostema dichotomum) occur in glades and other rocky, exposed areas. It is not found in very many locations here at Bernheim, so it is a nice surprise when it is found. It is easily identified by the long, arching  stamens that hang down from the top of the flower.  It is an annual that is found in the mint family, and is well liked by bee species. The lower lip of the flower acts as a landing platform for bees and other insects, which will pollinate the plant while searching for nectar. It blooms from August through October.

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