Fall Treats at the Gift Shop

By Barbara Fields

Fall is finally here, bringing with it cooler temperatures, so  come in to the Bernheim Gift Shop to check out our great new autumn merchandise.

We are excited to highlight a variety of artists and companies that align with our values, like Aurora, which embraces corporate responsibility with their “eco-friendly” plush line, which uses 100% biodegradable pellets made from recycled materials for stuffing. They are proud to save over 400,000,000 plastic bottles globally on an annual basis, contributing to a greener world by producing all their plush using eco-friendly materials.

New home décor lines such as Scottish Made have arrived. Their products are grown in Scotland and made in Scotland, using sustainably sourced Scottish oak and sycamore for their chopping boards, paddles, serving trays and accessories. Their sustainable practices help to ensure the future of this beautiful Scottish resource for many more generations.

The Bernheim Gift Shop is also getting new fall clothing to snuggle into when those temperatures get a little more brisk.

We also enjoy spotlighting local artists, like Lisa Hagan. Splendid Bee Natural Soaps was founded in 2001 as a passion project of the owner when she needed a creative outlet. Following in her grandmother’s soap-making footsteps, in the early 2000’s, Lisa developed a formula for the best bar of soap she could make. Being from Bardstown, she takes inspiration from “The Bourbon Capital” of the world by making her soaps in small batches, just like they make Bourbon. She has fragrances as mint julep, lemongrass, and honeysuckle, to name a few.  Splendid Bee went completely organic in 2007, and since the beginning, has made an estimated 800,000 bars of soap, and counting!

Whatever your reason, we hope that you come into the Gift Shop and take a look around and all our new merchandise. Happy Fall Y’all!


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