Fall is slowly arriving: Isaac’s Café Specials, October 22-26

By Kathy Hart

As we regroup from a fabulous ColorFest weekend, I am struck by the tug and pull of this time of year. We have bright warm sunshine beaming down from blue skies but we also have chilly winds, causing us to pull the sweater that was recently pulled from storage, just a bit tighter around us.  Many trees in Bernheim are stubbornly hanging on to their bright green foliage while others have embraced the colors of autumn.  There is so much opportunity in the air, so many ways of looking at the natural world and such diverse possibilities all around us.

When trying to decide on a theme for our specials at Isaac’s Café this week, I was torn between hot or cold entrees.  It occurred to me that I could combine the best of both in a warm salad.  Yes, there is such a thing as a warm salad.  For instance, our meatless Monday special is a taco salad full of tender lettuce and a scoop of taco goodness on top with a smoky chipotle dressing.  The rest of the week will feature other salads with warm toppings like our Edible Garden roasted sweet potatoes, warm bacon dressing on a Bibb salad or perhaps shredded buffalo chicken.  Our weekly specials are just $6.95 and much of it comes right from Bernheim’s own Edible Garden.

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