Fall is Monarch Season

By Kelly Vowels

monarch-10-5-16Fall is a great time to see the Monarch Butterfly. As monarchs are currently on their long migration south to Mexico, thousands will be passing through Kentucky.

Bernheim has joined a long list of other people who have been tagging Monarch to learn more about the butterfly’s migration. Many of the monarch seen here at Bernheim emerged from their chrysalis in September, and are now the fifth generation removed from the monarch that migrated north this spring.

Fall monarch are different than earlier summer monarch in that they have larger wingspan. They also have fat stored in their abdomen that they need for the long migration and to help it make it through the winter. The same monarch that is now heading south will begin the return north in the spring. So when you are walking around Bernheim watch for the beautiful monarch and maybe you can see one with a tag on it.

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