Fall Color Report – November 2, 2023

By Andrew Berry

The view from the Canopy Tree Walk, October 31, 2023

Bernheim’s fall color is still going strong, as we reach peak colors in some interior forest sections of the Natural Areas.

Beech trees are golden bronze with some showing brilliant yellow in the sunlight. The upland white oak forests are among the last to change, and in the area around the Canopy Tree Walk they are transitioning into reds, browns, and oranges.

The Arboretum still has many colors around the edges, with ginkgo having peaked and the leaf drop has begun. The Big Prairie is dappled in a hundred shades ranging from white, brown, yellow, and green. Blackberries continue to show out with purple and crimson foliage. We expect the remaining colors to continue to delight throughout the Arboretum and Bernheim’s Forest Hill Drive during the first week of November.

Please come out and see for yourself during a visit to Colorfest on November 4-5, a family event celebrating the beauty and diversity of fall at Bernheim.

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