Exploring Bernheim: Isaac's Café Specials, January 17-20

By Kathy Hart

houckKnob1512It was wonderful seeing the faces of happy, excited children at the Visitor Center yesterday as families and friends enjoyed a day off from school and work to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Spending time outdoors reconnecting with what really matters, is one of the many good ways to commemorate a man that forged such positive societal changes.

I loved being a part of the interaction between visitors and staff while our guests enjoyed a warming bowl of freshly made soup or one of a kind sandwiches from Isaac’s Café. There were conversations about Bernie the black bear, anticipation of being able to climb the fire tower (thanks to Ken Johnson our dedicated fire tower guide who opened the Fire Tower all weekend) and enthusiastic explanations about encounters on various trails that had just been explored.

This coming week, you may find yourself needing to reflect of what really matters or just find a peaceful place of quiet contemplation. I hope you will think of Bernheim as a sanctuary, just as Isaac Bernheim envisioned. I hear the weather Friday will be especially nice. See you then!

This week’s $6.95 special: Pasta, the ultimate comfort food! Enjoy a plate of hearty pasta, side salad with freshly picked greens from our Edible Garden and garlic roll.

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