Expand your art collection through Bernheim’s Artist in Residence program!

By Jenny Zeller

“Bernheim provided a different kind of landscape from what I have been working with in the west. One of the things I particularly appreciated about Bernheim’s residency was the flexibility and the amount of time the experience provided to my creative practice, allowing me to explore a new direction in my work.”  Irene Imfeld

From Left to Right: Phantasm 4853 and Phantasm 4368.

Next time you visit, make sure to stop in the Visitor Center where you can see two beautiful images Irene Imfeld created during her 2017 artist residency that are now included in Bernheim’s permanent art collection! These images are part of a new series for Imfeld entitled Phantasm: Autumn in the Kentucky Woods. The series is comprised of 28 unique images created while she spent six weeks at Bernheim last fall, documenting the natural environment and exploring its possibilities. The work is stunning and the completed suite clearly demonstrates how the Artist in Residence program connects people to Bernheim’s natural beauty through the lens of artists.

Expand your art collection with a special piece created through Bernheim’s Artist in Residence program! The edition is limited to 15 prints for each of the 28 images in the series and come in two sizes, 20” x 24 or  24” x 30”. All prints are hand signed, numbered and printed by the artist on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper. A portion of each sale will directly support the Arts in Nature program when purchased through Bernheim. Please see pricing information below and feel free to contact Jenny Zeller, Bernheim’s Visual Art Coordinator at jzeller@bernheim.org with any additional questions.

Phantasm: Autumn in the Kentucky Woods has also been made into a beautiful book that can be purchased at Bernheim’s Visitor Center. Individuals renewing their membership at Giving Circle Levels ($120 or above) will receive a copy of the Phantasm book with their membership.

About the Series: Phantasm: Autumn in the Kentucky Woods is Imfeld’s fourth series that reference the essence of nature through abstraction. A fascination with detail, minimalism, and mastery of digital processing all play a part in these beautiful photographs. Grounded in common reality and beginning as straight photographs, these images often abstract the ordinary. Previous works resulted from her experience in the desert landscapes of California and New Mexico. Image titles do not reference specific places or natural forms, but rather an identification number from her camera. This ambiguity in titling allows the images freedom of reference and interpretation.

Pricing Information: Prices for Numbers 1-3 from the limited edition of 8 prints (Smaller size, 24” x 20”) are $700. Prices for Numbers 1-3 from the limited edition of 7 prints (Large size, 30” x 24”) are $1400. These are print prices only. Matting and framing decisions are those of the collector. Kentucky sales tax at 6% and a packing/shipping charge of $25 will also apply. Prints will be rolled and shipped directly to you by the artist.

About the Artist: Irene Imfeld is a photographer, accomplished digital printer, and book designer from Oakland, California. She was co-owner and curatorial director of PHOTO Fine Art Photography, a regional gallery in Oakland, 2010-15. Irene is currently on the PhotoAlliance Board of Directors. Her work was chosen by William Wegman as Grand Prize Winner in the 2014 Fauna competition in San Francisco. She won awards at Soho Photo Gallery, New York; the Print Center, Philadelphia; and at the Atheneum, La Jolla, California. She had solo exhibitions at the Bolinas Museum and the Fresno Art Museum, both in California. Learn more about Imfeld’s work at www.ireneimfeld.com.

About Bernheim’s Artist In Residence Program: For more than three decades, the Artist in Residence Program has been promoting multi-disciplinary explorations of our relationship with the natural environment, expanding upon Bernheim’s long history of art in the landscape. Awarded on an annual basis, this world renown program has hosted emerging and established artists of all visual mediums including painters, sculptors, photographers, sound, video and installation artists! This program enhances the visitor experience through interaction with art and artists while fulfilling Bernheim’s mission of “connecting people with nature”, through the lens of art.


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