Earth Measure helps to ‘shape’ art in nature program

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Arbortetum 130826 - 10This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the public opening of Earth Measure, the limestone scultpure created by Louisville artist, Matt Weir, in honor of Barry Bingham Jr’s life and service.  Bingham, the former publisher of the Louisville Courier-Journal and Louisville Times, was a long time Bernheim Trustee who left an indelible mark on the region and this 14,000+ acre forest.  Given Barry’s love and appreciation of both nature and photography, it seems fitting that Earth Measure has quickly become a favorite picture taking spot.  And accompanying photo shows why – the sculpture’s large geometric shapes frame the natural environment like a camera lens.

But Earth Measure’s impact goes far beyond a place to take a stunning photo.  The multi-dimensional piece explores science, geometry, sound and architecture all in the context of nature, which allows us to develop the deepest connections to the natural world  – Precisely what Bernheim’s Art in Nature program is designed to do.

As we celebrate the anniversary of this amazing piece of art and the man it honors, we also want to recognize the long history of artists who found inspiration in Bernheim and created.  From our most recent artist in residence, Myung Gyun You, who created a large outdoor sculpture titled Photosynthesis, installed next to the Visitor Center to one of our earliest artists in residence, Ray K. Metzker, who died at the age of 83 this week. photo 2 Metzker was a daring and brilliant photographer who challenged the notions of black and white photography and in 1989 spent part of the year photographing the forests of Bernheim.

Photograph by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
Photograph by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

To read more about Metzker’s life and accomplishments click here.

But most importantly, put down your electronic devices, close your email and connect with nature through art at Bernheim.




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