Announcing Eagle Week at Bernheim 2020

By Andrew Berry

In honor of our fine feathered friends, the golden eagles, Harper and Athena, you’ll have the chance to learn all about these magnificent creatures and all bird research going on at Bernheim. Join us for Eagle Week, February 17-21, 2020!

We will offer three chances for visitors to journey into our forest to be immersed in eagle habitat. You never know what you might see!

We will also host a lecture, where you can learn not just about our golden eagle research, but also all of the research we do at Bernheim, including the newly installed Motus bird tracking system, which tracks songbirds on their annual migrations.

Even our homeschool students will have a chance to learn about birds during the monthly Forest Homeschool Hike.

Click the links below to learn more or to register for these programs. These tours sell out quickly, so remember the valuable bird advice – the early bird gets the worm – and register today!

Winter Raptors Tour, Monday, February 17 ($15 members; $25 non-members)

Winter Raptors Tour, Tuesday, February 18 ($15 members; $25 non-members)

Winter Raptors Tour, Wednesday, February 19 ($15 members; $25 non-members)

Forest Homeschool Hike, Wednesday, February 19 ($5 member student; $7 non-member student)

Golden Eagle Lecture, Friday, February 21 (FREE – no registration required)


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