Donor offers $50,000 challenge-match for funds raised to #SaveBernheim

By Bernheim

The challenge-match runs until match is met

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest announced a fundraising challenge to meet a $50,000 challenge-match pledged toward Bernheim’s fight against a proposed LG&E natural gas pipeline through its pristine forest.

Louisville philanthropists and longtime Bernheim supporters Gill and Augusta Holland pledged a generous $50,000 match towards Bernheim’s fight against the pipeline that would forever disrupt the land, streams and wildlife which thrive there. Every dollar donated to Bernheim’s Land Stewardship and Protection Fund will be matched by the Hollands, up to $50,000.

“This is an incredible gift and a real vote of confidence in Bernheim and in the community. This beautiful land and its inhabitants are worth fighting for,” said Bernheim Executive Director, Dr. Mark Wourms.

The money raised during this challenge-match will go to the Land Stewardship and Protection Fund which provides support towards legal fees, land stewardship and other land protection activities. The almost-decade-long effort by Bernheim to establish a north-south wildlife corridor is threatened by the surprise announcement of the LG&E proposed pipeline route that would bisect the planned Cedar Grove Wildlife Corridor.

Dr. Wourms said the support of the community so far has been both an encouragement and inspiration. “We know the public is invested in the protection of Bernheim, and we hope this serves to send a strong message to LG&E that we – in unison with the community – are serious about conserving this land and protecting conservation easements everywhere,” he said.  “We hope this encourages LG&E to do the right thing and look again at a Plan B that does not involve Bernheim land. After all, there is no Planet B.”

Those interested in supporting Bernheim with a dollar-for-dollar match can do so by visiting Additional information is also available at

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