Design Challenge – Get Small and Move

By Claude Stephens

For the 3rd year Bernheim has worked with the University of Kentucky School of Architecture to set up a design challenge for the 2nd year architecture students. This year we challenged the 12 students to design small lodging spaces that could move within Bernheim and between activity nodes. Each lodging “ship” is designed to be set up at one of three “islands”. And if challenging the students to design small and portable wasn’t enough, we also asked them to consider the Living Building Challenge (LBC) which asks the students to commit to the most rigorous environmental design standards. We already know a bit about that challenge.  It’s the criteria we are using to create the new Edible Garden project which will open to the public (phase one) on May 17th. Working with young architects to introduce them to the challenges of nature based design is both an honor and a testament to our efforts to reach beyond our borders.  Here are some pictures from the mid-semester review presentations.  They are well on their way.
3-17-14 056
3-17-14 058
3-17-14 050
3-17-14 053
3-17-14 040
3-17-14 044
3-17-14 038

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