Cultural Pass: Sound Walk

By Dan Pascucci

Sound Walk
Ages: 2-21

Sounds are everywhere!  For this activity, all you need to do is go outside and LISTEN!

Find a spot to stand and then close your eyes.  Count how many sounds you can hear in 5 seconds.  Were any of these sounds from nature?  Were any made by people?

Now it’s time to go on a walk and hear what’s out there!  As you walk, stop every few minutes for a sound count.  Instead of closing your eyes, though, keep your eyes open and look at someone else who is counting sounds.  Every time you hear a sound, hold up one finger.  Do you hear the same sounds as your listening partner?  Do you hear them at the same time?

After you’ve listened for a little while, you can keep walking and talk about some of the sounds that you’ve heard.

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