Cultural Pass: Sit Spots

By Dan Pascucci

Sit Spots
Ages: 5-21

Sometimes, you can have a great adventure by sitting still.  For this activity, we will be returning to the same spot a number of times throughout the summer.  

See if you can find a spot that is comfortable to sit or lie in for at least 10 minutes.  It should be a spot that feels good to you, almost like you belong there.  Once you have found a perfect spot, all you need to do is sit and use your senses.  What can you see from your spot?  What can you hear?  When you close your eyes, how does it feel?  Are there any smells that you can sense?  What tiny things do you see?  What GIANT things do you see?  Will you be able to find this spot again?

Try to return to your special spot at least once a week for at least 10 minutes a visit.  Sometimes you might want to draw a picture or write a poem, other times, you may just want to be still and relax.  The more time you spend in your sit spot, the more you’ll notice.  What things are the same?  What has changed?

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