Forest Hill Drive and Guerilla Hollow are closed on Sunday, May 25 due to high winds.

Cultural Pass: Nature Painting

By Wren Smith

Nature Painting with the Plant Puppet Theater
Ages: 1-9

You don’t need crayons and markers if you have nature! Things you can gather make great materials! In your own backyard or on a short nature hike, collect things you think might make good nature paints. Be careful not to pick anything someone planted, or from anyone else’s yard. Many natural items will transfer color when rubbed on paper. Some good options are dandelion blossoms- yellow, dandelion leaves, clover, or tree leaves – green, violets – purple, flower petals – various colors and more.

Once you have collected different items, use them as coloring utensils to make a masterpiece. Draw a picture of something you can see from your window, an animal you like, or anything at all! What natural items worked best? Which color is your favorite? Can you mix any colors together? See how our friend, the plant puppet, does it.

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