CONNECT Art Exhibition 2023

By Hannah Coleman-Zaitzeff

CONNECT is our fun an funky annual festival of art, music, science, and nature. We were thrilled to feature the incredible performances of Mighty Shades of Ebony, Kathryn Brooks, and The Astrophysicists at the Sunset Amphitheatre. Around the lake, guests experienced a diverse array of art work, science activities, and nature education before and after the sun crept below the horizon. We were ecstatic to have over 20 art pieces on display at this years event, ranging from floating sculptures to beautiful portraits made from single use plastics.

For the first time, most of that amazing art will stay around the Lake Nevin Loop until September 24th as part of the CONNECT Art Exhibition. This inaugural CONNECT Art Exhibition features the work of fourteen Kentucky nature-based artists. Keep reading to learn more about these KY artists and their incredible work!

Earth-Moon-Earth by Emmaly Saliga and Brooke Morrison

“Earth-Moon-Earth” was created between the sturgeon and fruit full moons out of recycled and naturally dyed fabric, rope, fencing and irrigation pipe; a visual transmission from earth to the moon and back.

Artists Emmaly Saliga and Brooke Morrison combined their interdisciplinary talents to create this stunning 11.5 foot moon that is hanging from the sycamore tree on the north end of the Lake Nevin Loop. Engaging their community in Louisville, most of the material in Earth-Moon-Earth was donated to Emmaly and Brooke for recycling and reuse. The moon really shined on the night of CONNECT, being illuminated with solar spotlights to recreate the mysterious and powerful glow of the moon.

The Solitude of Ice by Adam and Elizabeth Haigh

Floating glass ice-cubes, illuminated by underwater lights, representing the climate crisis.

Located in the water near the bridge that connects the Lake Nevin Loop and the Sun and Shade trail, this beautiful installation shimmers in the sunshine on the water. Adam and Elizabeth connected their glass cube clusters to underwater LED lights for the CONNECT event which gave them an incredible glow. At the end of the exhibition, Adam and Elizabeth will melt down the glass cubes so that the glass can be reused in future projects!

Strata by Gerard Kauffmann and Dan Kauffmann

“Strata” by Gerard Kauffmann and Dan Kauffmann is a stained glass mosaic in a cedar frame.

This brother duo installed solar LED spotlights onto the frame of their glass mosaic installation, casting brilliant stripes of colored light onto the pavement the night of CONNECT. As pictured below, children and families alike stopped at the installation to admire the colors and explore what nature looked like through the panes of colored glass.

Plastic by Definition by Albertus Gorman, Artist at Exit 0

A site-specific art assemblage created with colorful, river-collected plastic jugs and bottles.

Albertus Gorman is also the current artist in residence at the Kentucky Waterways Alliance and is representing them in the exhibition. All of the plastic in Albertus’ installation was collected from the Ohio River on the banks at the Falls of the Ohio, demonstrating the prevalence of water pollution and plastic waste in our community and in our Kentucky waterways. Albertus’ writing and past installations can be seen on his blog, Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog.

Melting Ground by Céline Browning

Carefully arranged tablets show videos of the forest floor in winter, with the artist’s handprints emerging and disappearing in the snow, formed from the raw ingredients of the environment. The body of the artist is absent, but the effect of the artist’s presence is clearly visible. The work questions the human desire to create a lasting mark on the earth, simultaneously referencing cave paintings and climate change.

Artist Céline Browning is a returning CONNECT artist from 2022 and a professor at Louisville’s Kentucky College of Art and Design. Melting Ground is an exciting new exploration in her work, and can still be seen on the northwestern side of the Lake Nevin loop.

What is its name? by Hannah Phillips

One day this creature grew up out of the Bernheim forest floor and ever since stories have swirled about its mystery past.

Hannah Phillips installation is created completely out of sticks gathered in Bernheim forest.  As suggested by its name, this mysterious creature invites you to imagine and create your own story of its past. This sweet creature also features a live plant located along its spine and a heart inside its chest hidden beneath the woven branches.

Kentucky Tree of Life by Dyann Joyce and Eric Eichenberger

The Tree of Life, utilizing recycled and discarded everyday objects, serves as a powerful symbol connecting humanity’s creative expression with the immense diversity of life on Earth, reflecting the profound interdependence and interconnectedness of all living beings.

Dyann and Eric’s floating sculptures are located on the eastern side of Lake Nevin floating just off the banks behind the Garden Pavilion. Created out of recycled bottles, packing materials, and plastic jugs, Kentucky Tree of Life gave a second life to so many single use plastics while teaching us about the deep connections between humans and nature.


Sylvia and the Moontones by Marty Wourms and Bob Niederman

An interactive sound and art experience made with many recycled and repurposed materials.

Sylvia is back and better than ever! this reoccurring guest of CONNECT made her debut in 2019 and is back for the third CONNECT in a row. This time she is joined by a funky bunch of friends as her back up band, including the moon itself! Sylvia and the Moontones is a lighthearted and spectacular installation by Marty Wourms and Bob Niederman that invites you to join in the music making by ringing the large bell in the center, shaking the recycled water bottle shakers, playing the wind chimes, and dancing amongst the sock plants that frame the scene.

Molecules of Life by Dr. Mark K. Wourms

Humans and all aspects of nature are connected by the molecules of life.

Created by Bernheim’s Executive Director Dr. Mark K. Wourms, Molecules of Life explores the small things that make up each of us. Created from recycled aluminum foil, donated to Mark from a local sandwich shop, this stunning piece can be seen in the middle of the pond in front of our Garden Pavilion.

Congratulations to all these amazing artists on their work! We look forward to seeing you at Bernheim between now and September 24th to experience the CONNECT Art Exhibition

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