Big Prairie Overlook Gets a Makeover

By Eric Garris

By Horticulturist Eric Garris

OverlookPath1505 We are excited to announce grand changes to the Big Prairie Overlook! The Overlook is the highest point within the Arboretum and offers spectacular views of the prairie and surrounding plant collections.

A new accessible walkway has been installed, which meanders its way to Issac W. Bernheims’ gravesite atop the hill. The palette for the surrounding woodland landscape will include numerous varieties from the Rhododendron family, and companions such as hemlock, hydrangea, ferns, and shade loving perennials. Planting has begun and will continue throughout the year. This spring’s additions provided splashes of color with the first blooms of hybrid azaleas. These deciduous varieties sport vividly colored flowers, on leafless stalks, that span the entire spectrum. Others in this plant family provide evergreen foliage after blooming that complements the backdrop of the forest.

Many of the plants featured will beOverlook Plant 15 - 117 part of an evaluation for the Southern Living Collection, which contains many fantastic varieties for home landscapes. Bernheim is pleased to participate in this testing program and we look forward to the interest and information they will provide. Take a stroll through this new landscape when you visit and watch for more changes in the coming months!

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