Celebrating Spring’s Bounty: Isaac’s Café Specials, May 6-10

By Kathy Hart

Now that Derby and all the festivities that surround it are over, we can get back to the many other offerings that are synonymous with spring in Kentucky. You may have noticed that Derby hats are not the only things flowering this time of year.  The blossoms of early spring flowers like daffodils, dogwoods and redbuds have come and gone, but in their place, you’ll find lilacs, hydrangeas and azaleas along with so many other spring beauties.

This time of year finds our Edible Garden a hub of activity as spinach, tender lettuces, asparagus and so much more are beckoning us to make fabulous salads and homemade dressings.  Nothing tastes better!  That’s why this week’s Meatless Monday special (which will last throughout the week until we run out) will be a spinach salad, fresh from the Edible Garden, loaded with other seasonal veggies, dried cranberries, candied toasted walnuts and our very own honey mustard dressing, made with the help of Bernheim’s honey bees.  All for just $6.95.  You just can’t get fresher than this!

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