Celebrating 40 Years of Artist in Residence

By Jenny Zeller


Yvonne Mullock is a U.K. born artist living and working in Alberta, Canada. At the time of her residency, Mullock drew upon the traditions of English sporting life and a fascination with nature as material for her work. She explored the gap between man and animal from the perspective of a researcher and designer, taking it upon herself to examine and solve problems on behalf of animals. While in residence, she observed uniquely American practices that directed her work – wild turkey hunters, the art of gourd painting, and a deceased passenger pigeon from the Bernheim archives. She heavily credits the artwork created to working closely with Bernheim staff. Having the staff as a resource to our visiting artists is a unique aspect that sets Bernheim apart from other arts-related residency programs.

“First, I’d like to say how influential my Bernheim experience was. At the time, my work was changing and becoming more performative, engaging audiences in multiple ways in both the development of the work and its outcome. I got to know all of the staff members at Bernheim and became enthralled in the work they did. What was so surprising and unexpected was the close relationships I built with the staff, the knowledge I learned, and the insight I gained from them. These experiences informed numerous works that led to a return to Bernheim two years later to make a short film, Birding By Ear.

My work has continued to develop and has led me to travel and exhibit in New York, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. I am very fortunate, and I will always be indebted to Bernheim, particularly the staff members who embraced my curiosity and allowed me to conduct some truly experimental work during my time there.”

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