Millennium and Elm Lick Trails are closed today due to heat advisory.

Water Conservation

Our Most Critical Resource

Access to clean, abundant water is the very foundation of ecological sustainability, social equity, and a vibrant economy. The same water that supports nature’s fragile balance also serves our homes, irrigates our landscapes, allows us a refreshing swim in the summer heat, and serves as the essence of crafts like our Kentucky favorite, bourbon. With so many competing or even conflicting demands for its use, access to clean water needs our stewardship, care, and vigilance!

Water at Bernheim Brochure

The James B. Beam Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance at Bernheim helps support our water education programs. Common educational and environmental goals of the James B. Beam Natural Water Sanctuary Alliance and Bernheim are to:

  1. Enhance environmental and water cycle education for visitors, employees, and the local and regional communities.
  2. Improve watershed protection in the interest of ensuring an abundant supply of clean water.
  3. Preserve and promote biodiversity by supporting the protection and growth of native forests, native plants & habitat improvement.

From Lake Nevin and the Olmsted Ponds to the miles of creeks and tributaries that run through our pristine forest, we remain committed to protecting life’s most precious asset – clean water.