The Bugs of Bernheim: Caterpillar Hunter

By Kelly Vowels

caterpillar-hunterFall is a great time to go hunting for insects in the woods. You might also find another hunter, the Caterpillar Hunter (Calosoma scrutator). The Caterpillar Hunter is a beautiful green beetle that can be found in open areas near forests. They are normally nocturnal, but are attracted to light, and can be seen scuttling along the ground around dusk. They can also be seen going up and down trees in search of prey. They are a very helpful insect and will feed on destructive pests such as Colorado potato beetle, root maggots and flies, cabbage moth caterpillar, aphids, and many snails. You can encourage them to stay in your garden by leaving a light cover of debris for cover, and they will help in the control of the pests in your garden.

Bernheim is proud to be a healthy forest, which provides a home to many creatures, even the smallest ones – insects. The Bugs of Bernheim is a blog series that will celebrate our six and eight-legged friends. Join us each year on the third Saturday in September at Bernheim’s annual BugFest, where you can see a variety of bugs, dance the buggy boogie, and even sample some tasty insect treats.

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