All Things Big and Small at Bernheim

By Cadell Walker

Just as all creatures big and small have a role in an ecosystem, all gifts big and small have a significant impact in enabling Bernheim to do important conservation work.

As we celebrate 90 years of connecting people with nature, we

reflect on our growing history, and we are proud of our achievements, both big and small. In honor of Bernheim’s 90th anniversary, we ask for your help to reach our goal of raising $90,000 by July 31.

Smaller accomplishments can have big impacts. What started as a single idea to get more children outside playing freely in nature evolved into Bernheim’s Children at Play Network. This month, Bernheim’s Children at Play Network will be nationally recognized and awarded the 2019 Program of Excellence Award from the American Public Gardens Association in Washington, D.C.

Bernheim is big – over 25 square miles of preserved land and 91 miles of streams provide habitat for over 900 plant species. Animal species of all sizes also call Bernheim home. Eighty-two different snails, including the Bluff Vertigo, a globally imperiled species known to exist in fewer than 30 populations in the world, share our pristine forest habitat with animals as large as the black bear.

With imminent threats to Bernheim from the potential new pipeline and highway development that could go through Bernheim, we need your support NOW more than ever! All donations, whether big or small, will have an impact on the future of Bernheim’s biodiversity, land conservation, water quality, and so much more! Together we will work to protect and defend the future of all things big and small at Bernheim, so make your gift today!

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