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Bernheim response to regional connector routes avoiding conservation land

By Bernheim

Bernheim applauds the decision to avoid our conservation land during planning for the proposed I-65 to I-71 Regional Connector. We look forward to the upcoming stakeholder meetings when these plans will be made public. This decision will protect a large forest that provides clean air and water for our region, habitat for thousands of species, and protects a crucial wildlife corridor between Bernheim and Cedar Grove. We appreciate that on this issue the Commonwealth has heard the voices of the people standing with nature, conservation, and Bernheim. We are hopeful that the study will determine the best solution to be improving existing infrastructure that will reduce project costs, improve safety, provide greater benefit for communities, and limit the environmental impacts. We will continue to engage in the process to ensure the protection of Bernheim, other natural lands, and to encourage the improvement of existing roads. Improving existing roads would greatly reduce the environmental damage that a new highway would cause.

We encourage LG&E to follow this action and seek alternatives to impacting Bernheim’s conservation land with the proposed LG&E natural gas pipeline.

Read the full release from Gov. Bevin and the Transportation Cabinet here.


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