Bernheim Pollinators: The Hoverfly (an Ode)

By Dan Pascucci

Ode to a Hoverfly

While walking through my garden

I happened chance to see

Flying through the flowers

A tiny yellow bee


But this was not just any bee

I knew I’d soon discover

Because this bee had just two wings

And was able to just hover


In fact, this bee was NOT a bee

And had instead just tricked my eye

For hovering there before me

Was the amazing hover fly


When it comes to heroes of the flowers

The hover fly is a great one

They’re known sometimes as flower flies

And have been known to pollinate one


So do not fear this harmless fly

Although it looks deceiving

The hoverfly is full of help

For gardens to be receiving


A pollinator helping plants

To grow and thrive and spread

But even more important

They’ll kill some aphids dead


Yes the larvae of the hoverfly

Will take an aphid, kill, and bag it

And what do we call them in return?

We call them rat-tailed maggots


Not only do they spread the pollen

They also kill the pests

So when you see a hover fly

Tell them they’re the best

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