Bernheim Pipeline Update

By Andrew Berry

We wanted to update everyone on Bernheim’s ongoing defense against LG&E’s proposed natural gas pipeline and the condemnation lawsuit that seeks to take a portion of our wildlife corridor. Thanks to everyone for their continued support for Bernheim as we have spent nearly five years battling LG&E over our right to protect wildlife corridors, clean water, and conservation easements. We appreciate your standing with Bernheim as we strive for a future where nature and humans can coexist, and our ecosystems can remain resilient for coming generations.

Bernheim has appealed a loss in the condemnation lawsuit in Bullitt Circuit Court and attorneys will file our brief in September. Despite the disappointing ruling, the appeal process means LG&E remains locked in a legal battle for condemnation to build the 12-mile pipeline across sensitive land harboring endangered species and rare habitats. In addition to the ongoing condemnation lawsuit, the status of LG&E’s required permits for stream construction and biological impacts remains uncertain.

The Public Service Commission will host a meeting at the Louisville Free Public Library Main Branch on August 16 at 5:30 p.m. to allow the public to comment on LGE’s future energy plans that include construction of two natural gas power plants. We encourage supporters of Bernheim to send comments and attend to learn more about LG&E’s plans that increase our dependence of natural gas.

Now is a critical time for us all to elevate our voices and help move towards sustainable, healthy, and resilient communities. Your support will help continue to defend Bernheim against this proposed LG&E pipeline.

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