Bernheim Partners With Canopy To Create Curriculum for Environmental Certification

By Renee Hutchison

Bernheim is thrilled to be partnering with Canopy, an organization whose mission is to “grow Kentucky businesses to positively impact people, our planet, and our future.” One of Canopy’s primary initiatives is the Good Business Movement, an education and certification program that helps businesses improve their environmental and social impact. 

We were honored when Canopy approached us to be the Environmental Impact Partner for their program. Our role is to provide environmental curriculum for for-profit companies that are exploring Benefit (B) Corp certification, for which companies commit to earning merit badges in eight categories, including Environmental Hero.   

Companies that focus on the Environmental Hero badge learn about the value of clean air, clean water, and biodiversity. Their curriculum shows businesses how they can have an impact on those assets and how to ensure they are good stewards of these assets as companies. 

We encourage companies we come across to consider certification, but equally to be responsible environmental stewards and commit to having a positive impact in their communities and developing their cultures to best support their areas of focus.   

We are excited to work within the community to support businesses that are striving to be better citizens of their communities and the environment, and are looking forward to this continued partnership with Canopy.  

We were thrilled to attend Canopy’s Good Business Summit on April 13, where we had the honor of presenting the Environmental Impact Award to Maker’s Mark.  

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