Bernheim hosts “Four Seasons of Wild Edible Plants” Workshop

By Bernheim

Have you ever stumbled upon a bright berry bush or leafy plant and wondered, “Can I eat that?”

Now you can learn the answer!

Join Bernheim’s Interpretive Programs Manager, Wren Smith, on Saturday, June 22 to investigate wild edible plants of all four seasons. Wren is a wild food enthusiast with over 30 years of leading workshops and hikes on the subject.

During the 3-hour “Four Seasons of Wild Edible Plants” workshop, you’ll:

  • Listen as Wren explains wild edibles in a brief presentation
  • Embark on a foraging expedition in Bernheim Forest
  • Try tasty samples harvested from each season
  • Receive recipes to try for yourself at home

The workshop will take place on Saturday, June 22, from 1 – 4 p.m. in the Education Center. View the Four Seasons of Wild Edible Plants events page for more information.

Cost to register is $20 for members and $30 for non-members. Sign up here or by calling (502) 955-8512.

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